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Peter Kroll, Constanze la Dous, Hans-Jürgen Bräuer (Eds.):

Treasure-Hunting in Astronomical Plate Archives


Table of contents




Opening ceremony


Scientific introduction

Constanze la Dous: Introduction

René Hudec: An introduction to the world's large plate archives


Technical concepts and solutions

Beatrice Bucciarelli: The GSC-II Project: status and overview

Christian Pollas, Albert Bijaoui: Digitisation with a scanner machine of the OCA photographic archives

Jens Brunzendorf, Helmut Meusinger: The Tautenburg Plate Scanner. Design and astronomical applications

Peter Kroll, Jens Brunzendorf, Frank Fleischmann: Technical concept and parameters of Sonneberg's plate scanner "HISS"

Frank Fleischmann: From starlight to digital data - historical review and latest developments

Hans-Jürgen Bräuer, Inge Häusele, Klaus Löchel, Norbert Polko: Structure and content of the Sonneberg Plate Archive

A.V. Yushchenko, V.G. Karetnikov, O.C. Chakhrukhanov, A.V. Riabov, A.I. Pikhun, S.V. Kolesnikov: Plate archive of Odessa Observatory scanning project

Milcho Tsvetkov, Katya Tsvetkova, Gotthard Richter, Gerhard Scholz, Petra Böhm: Lohse's historic plate archive

Sergei Shugarov, Sergei Antipin, Nikolai Samus, T. Danilkina: Moscow plate archive: 1895 - 1998

Vladimir Strelnitski, Nikolai Samus, Regina Jorgenson, Chris Springob: Plate-related work at the Maria Mitchell Observatory

Milcho Tsvetkov, Katya Tsvetkova: Wide-field photographic astronomical observations: database and web-based searches

R. Elizabeth Griffin, Jennifer L. Persaud: Treasure-hunting in spectroscopic plate archives



Peter Kroll: Introduction: Astrophysics

Christian Pollas, Michel Böer, Mathieu Bringer: TAROT variable star research

Gerold A. Richter, Jochen Greiner: S 10947 Aql = RX J2009.8+1557: A probable RS CVn star which sometimes stops its eclipses

Roberto Nesci, Enrico Massaro: Long-term light-curve of OQ 530 from Asiago archive plates

Bamdang Hidayat, M. Raharto, Hakim L. Malasan, M. Ikbal, H. Setyanto, M. Irfan: Plates for galactic structure, comet and nova studies

Helmut Meusinger, Jens Brunzendorf, Ralf-Dieter Scholz, Mike Irwin: A variability/proper motion search for QSOs on Schmidt Plates

René Hudec: High-energy astrophysics and archival plates

Gerold A. Richter, Jochen Greiner: Statistics of low and high galactic latitude ROSAT sources based on archival photographic plates

Helmut Meusinger, Jens Brunzendorf, Christian Pollas, Gábor Szécsényi-Nagy, Massimo Turatto: A supernova search in a galaxy cluster cooling flow: based on several wide-field plate archives

Christian Pollas: Where and when to search for SNe in archives?

René Hudec, Peter Kroll: Real-time and pre-burst optical data for GRBs

Irmela Bues, Christian Wennmacher: Photometry of the active galaxies NGC 1672 and Fairall 9 on Bamberg archive plates



Peter Kroll: Introduction: Astrometry

Alain Fresneau: Absolute magnitude calibration from the Reduced Proper Motion Diagram

William F. van Altena, T. M. Girard, I. Platais, V. Kozhurina-Platais, C. E. López: Correcting for systematic effects in ground-based photographic proper motions: The Southern Proper Motion Program as a case study Andrea Boattini: The importance of Near-Earth Object detections on archival plates

Gerhard Hahn: Image processing and astrometric reduction routines of the OCA-DLR Asteroid Survey (O.D.A.S.)

Theodore Rafferty, Norbert Zacharias: USNO CCD Astrograph Catalog - South

Michel Rapaport, Jean François Le Campion, Michael Odenkirchen, Bruno Viateau, Christine Ducourant, Jacques Colin: Proper motions combining CCD meridian observations and old plates

Robert Argyle, Leslie Morrison, Claus Fabricius: Proper motions and photometry of 3832 variable stars

Ralf-Dieter Scholz, Jens Brunzendorf, Gennadi Ivanov, Nina Kharchenko, Barry Lasker, Helmut Meusinger, Thomas Preibisch, Elena Schilbach, Hans Zinnecker: IC 348 proper motion study from digitised sky surveys

Hans Scholl, Albert Bijaoui, Renaud Savalle: Automatic detection of solar system bodies based on wavelet filtering


Data reduction

Peter Kroll: Introduction: Data reduction

Alvaro Lopez García, J. A. Morano Fernandez, J. Pastor Erades, A. Flores Martinez: Automatic analysis of plate fields at Valencia Observatory

Anke Heines: Long-term variability - first results from digitized Sonneberg plates

Nikolaus Vogt, Peter Kroll: Scanned Sonneberg sky patrol plates: first results of a photometric analysis

Matthias Pruksch: Performance of deconvolution algorithms in photometry

Ralph E. Jacobson, Robin Fagard-Jenkin, Norman R. Axford, René Hudec, Abhay Sharma: Applications of imaging science to investigations of GRB optical counterparts

Helmut Meusinger, Jens Brunzendorf, Dirk Froebrich, René Krieg: Digital stacking of plates from the Tautenburg Schmidt archive

Mireille Louys, François Bonnarel: Two strategies to compress archives of astronomical images


Large Databases

Peter Kroll: Introduction: Databases

François Bonnarel, Pierre Fernique, Mireille Louys, Olivier Bienaymé: ALADIN, a reference tool for identification of astronomical sources

Chris Walter, Rita Schindler, Peter Kroll: Database concepts for sky patrols

Gordon Haak, Peter Kroll: Database concept and realisation for the Sonneberg Plate Archive

Ivan L. Andronov: The expert system for time series analysis of variable stars


Constanze la Dous: Summary


Contributors and participants


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